Leadership for the Next Chapter

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The next few years will be full of promise and excitement for Alexandria City Public Schools. We anticipate returning to full-time in-person school after the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020; two of our schools have new names reflecting our commitment to anti-racism; and the transformation of our high school through the High School Project is already underway.

Our school board needs leadership for the next chapter for ACPS, leadership that is committed to supporting educators and ensuring that all students, regardless of background, get the best education ACPS can offer. D. Ohlandt [she/her] is a parent of three ACPS children, a longtime educator, and equipped with specific experience in collaborative leadership and policy governance.


Parents Need to Be Heard

As a parent of three children at Cora Kelly Elementary School, D. Ohlandt understands what’s happening in schools on a daily basis and is well-connected with other parents and with educators.

Connecting Schools to Communities

Schools are not just located in our communities, they are a vital reflection of our communities: what’s good for our schools is good for our communities, and what is good for our communities is good for our schools. D. Ohlandt will work to build new connections and strengthen existing ones between what happens in our school buildings and what happens in the streets and neighborhoods of Alexandria.

Every Student Succeeds… With Differentiated Instruction and Equitable Access to Enrichment

Every student brings to school a different set of learning styles, challenges, cultural and family backgrounds, and strengths. D. Ohlandt understands the necessity of individualized education for everyone and the resources required to equip educators to provide it. She is passionate about creating opportunities and equity for all Alexandria students.

Progressive, Creative, Knowledgeable Leadership

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that unexpected challenges will always arise and that school systems must be flexible, agile, and open-minded in their responses, which requires leaders who are creative and broadly knowledgeable. D. Ohlandt is experienced in leading teams through difficult times and knows the power of strong collective leadership.